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Four Crucial Steps to Avoid Procrastination

At some point in our lives, most us have had some issues with procrastination. Perhaps it was while we were students, always leaving essays till the last minute. Maybe we struggle in the workplace, putting off reports and other big projects until they're suddenly urgent. Or we might just find ourselves making little headway in our personal lives – never quite getting around to the things which we'd like to get done.

Procrastination never makes us happy. It's not quality leisure time at all – it's a guilty waste of time where we engage in low-value activities (like looking at funny videos of cats on YouTube) because we're putting something off. And too much procrastination can have a seriously negative effect on our lives: it may cost us a promotion (or even a job), it may mean paying heavy fines or penalties, and it can make us feel miserable.

Like many problems, procrastination is best tackled before it even starts. So here are four steps to make sure that procrastination doesn't get a chance to take hold.

Step 1: Get Stuck In Straight Away

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